Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Your backpacking wardrobe - casual boho, versatile, light and fashionable!

GIRLS! When asking for ideas about what to pack, you always hear people talking about versatility.. right?? You politely nod to the advice giver, and still really don't know where to start or what to pack for your first overseas adventure.

They say to lay everything out that you want to take, then half it twice - which can still be extremely hard, and involve many arguments with that little voice in your head! So reading this post might be easier. Use it as a guide, and customise your own list.

Below I have compiled a carefully co-ordinated visual wardrobe from images I have found on the internet to create an example of what clothes I would take backpacking for the warmer seasons. This is a very short and versatile list of my own personal taste, which I think is more of a casual boho theme.. apologies in advance if it does not suit your clothing style!

I've counted over 30 different outfit combinations with these particular items. So you see - if you think carefully and are a little creative, you really don't need to take that much stuff!

As for underwear and socks, I pack 10 bottoms, 5 bras and 3 pairs of good quality socks, which will be plenty for summer. 

You might notice there are no hoodies or jumpers in this list... I recommend starting your travel without one and layering clothes for warmth or using your jacket. If you still feel you need one, then buy one on the road. I hardly used my hooded jumper while travelling, it was a bulky waste of space. If you do get one, try and get a light and compact one with a full length zipper in polar fleece material. Bench is a good brand, and with a zipper, you can continue to layer. 

I hope this post is helpful to all those first time travellers out there, or those just looking for some fresh ideas! If you have any suggestions or advice on items of clothing you find extremely versatile - please share! 

- Kobie xo