Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What to look for when buying a decent travel pack..

So you've recently decided you want to see the world, but don't know what to pack your life into for your trip?

Great =).. I may be able to help you here!

First of all, I would never recommend buying a massive suit case on wheels (been there, never ever want to do that again..) Secondly, after ditching the suitcase, don't just walk into any random camping shop in Florence and buy the biggest pack you can find to fit all your crap into... coz chances are the sales guy wont know what he is talking about, and will sell you a 90L pack that you have to customise to fit you with many knots!

Do your homework and formulate a checklist, preferably while you're in your own country. No language barrier and a wider variety of products will definitely lead you down the right track to finding the perfect travel companion.

This is my checklist:
- Fully lockable
- Opens like a suit case
- Weatherproof, preferably canvas type material
- Separate bottom compartment (for dirty shoes etc)
- Decent detachable day pack that is lockable and fits my macbook
- A harness that actually fits me
- Lots of secret compartments
- Lockable harness cover for the airport
- Evenly spreads the weight on my back and hips - does not sit the weight on my bum making it difficult to walk (make sure you try the pack on with weight in it in the shop. Generally 10-15kg's, and make sure its as evenly distributed as possible)

So I have been very lucky third time around after doing loads of homework and trying on a ton of different packs at camping and outdoor shops.

MACPAC GENESIS AZTEC... worth a look! Check out the online store at Macpac


For all the women out there who are around 5'5'' and small framed, I would highly recommend buying a Macpac Genesis AzTec. I brought a 70L size W2 (this size includes a 15L detachable backpack). The harness is great and it ticks all of the boxes for durability and quality, as well as my checklist above.


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Vega said...

Wow! Thank you so much for writing this article. I'm looking into backpacking, and had no idea how to choose a backpack or where to even start! This is very helpful.

I am 5'8". Do you think a bigger back pack would compensate for my height or would the same one be alright?