Friday, March 9, 2012

The 23 hour flight checklist

This is something that can easily be overlooked! If you're going to be stuck in the air for 23 hours or so, you don't want to be uncomfortable, or leave something you didn't think you would need in your checked in baggage.

So I thought a list of what I wear and what I pack in my carry-on luggage might help.

For clothes, I make sure that I wear stuff that I can bend over backwards in - so to speak. Im very much a sleeper in the air, but with such a small amount of space and the need to change into many awkward sleeping positions, I make sure I wear clothes that are super comfortable and flexible.
This is what I usually wear:
- Leggings that aren't too tight around the waist
- My biggest hoodie/warm jumper I'm taking on my trip (You usually get a tiny blanket and some planes can be really cold.. and if you are cold its really hard to get to sleep!)
- Any type of shirt.. as long as it is short sleeve and that I feel comfortable wearing without my hoodie
- A scarf (which I also use as a neck pillow)
- Slip on shoes (thongs, flats etc)

- I dont usually wear any jewellery or anything metal as it can be a pain to take everything off each time you go through the metal detectors. They usually make you take your shoes off so thats where the slip on ones come in really handy.

Remember if you are travelling to the other side of the world the seasons are usually the opposite, so keep this in mind when you are deciding what to wear. What you decide to wear needs to be versatile. For example I fold my full length leggings into 3/4 if its hot, take off my hoodie and scarf or layer it all on if its cold.. but comfort is the main thing.

As for my carry on, this is what I take:
- A spare pair of underwear
- Those little disposable toothbrush things (Im pretty sure you can bring toothpaste on a plane)
- A pair of comfy shorts or another pair of leggings
- Socks (it can be hard to cover your feet on a plane so these come in handy)
- Chewy (this will literally save your life)
- Anything that is valuable or heavy (laptop, camera, purse etc)
- All my travel documents (passport, air ticket, maps, hostel info, etc)
- iPod (when your sick of listening to the repetitive and annoying radio dude)

I think thats it! However I do change this if my check in baggage is dangerously close to the weight limit. If it is, I wear as much of my bulky clothes as I can including big jackets, and I switch to my heaviest shoes. I will also pack as much heavy stuff in my carry-on as I can, as they usually don't weigh this.. as long as it is the required size they don't care too much. Another tip is when you are carrying all your stuff from the line to the check-in counter, make it look as if your carry-on bag is as light as a feather. If you are dragging it or look like you are struggling, they are more likely to weigh it. Most airlines allow for 10kg's for carry-on I think.

If you are taking a handbag in addition to your carry-on, make sure it can fit inside your carry on bag, in case the airline makes a fuss. Some don't mind if you take the two, but it makes life a lot easier when you are prepared either way!


Anonymous said...

Yer toothbrush/toothpaste and maybe even a little deoderant are handy. You can take liquids and gels up to 10mls I think. This means DONT buy large drinks before you go because youll have to tip them out at security. Take an empty water bottle and fill in the airport or buy a bottle of drink once your through security. lollies are good on a plane too.

Kobie Notting said...

How could I forget lollies!! Oh the shame haha!
Good advice about an empty water bottle, will definitely be doing that next time.
Toothpaste is an absolute lifesaver!! Especially after eating airplane food..

First time travellers be warned - food and drink become extremely expensive in the limbo between going through security and picking up your checked-in luggage at your destination.. it's especially expensive when you are in the air, so make sure you eat well before your flight. Most of your food will be supplied on 23 hour flights for example, but on the shorter flights it sometimes isn't. And to be honest aeroplane food really isn't that great. So definitely eat up beforehand!

Thanks for the comment and advice Jords!