Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The truth about hostels

Creeped out by the thought of staying in a hostel? Think they are an unsafe place to stay? Think again... you will come to learn that they become your family and home away from home. 

The main trick is picking a good one. And websites like www.hostelbookers.com and www.hostelworld.com make this part of the process a hell of a lot easier. 


- The people that stay in hostels are usually young people keen for a good time. 
- They are usually travelling alone too, so everyone tends to look out for each other.
- They are cheap, usually around $20-$30 a night.
- The hostel staff are usually in the know, and a great resource - so ask a million questions!
- Choose a mixed dorm with a large number of beds - more people to meet and cheaper.
- You never get lonely!
- Find out tips on what to see and do in the city you are staying.

- Expensive.
- People that stay aren't usually very sociable - and good luck finding people your own age.
- Reception staff aren't as accessible as they are in hostels. 
- The facilities are typically better, but I wouldn't trade this factor for an adopted family atmosphere.

So how do you pick a good hostel from a bad one? 
- Book it through hostelworld or hostelbookers.
- Don't choose anything rated under 80% on the website.
- Make an effort to read as many reviews as you can - this is the best feature of the above mentioned websites. 
- Choose something that is in close vicinity to everything you want to see. You will most likely be walking everywhere, so take this into account.
- Make sure you research how close the hostel is to train and bus services. The closer the better for you.
- Choose a hostel with free wifi! Paying for internet sucks majorly... 
- Free breakfast and free laundry is an added bonus. 

Are there any hostels anyone can recommend?? Post the name of the hostel and city! I'd love to hear your experiences =)


Anonymous said...

Hostelling International has heaps of top notch hostels across the world. You can buy a HI membership but if you stay a night you usually get it for free and can get heaps of discounts on accommodation, bus tickets and sight seeing stuff/tours. I stayed at these a lot and found them great. Another positive is that most hostels have a full kitchen so to save money eating in can be a great way to stretch a budget, although sampling local cuisine is important too! Hostels will also often offer Cheap meal nights, pub crawls, events, tours that are a great way to meet people and possibly find great local spots you wouldn't otherwise. I agree that if travelling alone hostels are the best to meet like-minded people and other backpackers from around the world!
Great idea kobe!

Kobie Notting said...

I haven't ever heard of Hosteling International so I'll definitely be checking it out - Thanks for the advice =) The discounts sound awesome. Speaking of cheap meal nights, pub crawls, tours etc.. if anyone ever wants a place to stay at the Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast - Stay at 'Surfers Paradise Backpackers Resort' Literally the best hostel I have stayed in so far for fun and meeting awesome people. The staff are amazing!

Thanks for the comment Jords =)

Anonymous said...

I've always been a bit worried about staying at a hostel as a lone (inexperienced) female, but hearing that they've got such good supportive vibes is really making me consider it. I will take a look at those websites before my next trip!