Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What shoes should I take?

Im not one of those girls that has a wardrobe full of shoes, but I still find this part of packing quite tough. My advice? Less is best! Shoes are bulky and will weigh down your pack (obviously!) - and there is no point carrying around a pair of shoes you may only wear twice out on the town...

Unless you plan to live in your runners there is no point taking them. They get wet easily, then take ages to dry and you most likely wont be going on those regular jogs that you thought you would to keep fit like you do at home. A lot of the girls that I backpacked with on my first trip overseas wore those black lack up military dress boots. They could wear them out at clubs, while commuting from hostel to hostel, with jeans, with stockings, with leggings, they were waterproof and durable. They seemed a very versatile shoe, which is exactly what you want!

Another factor I will stress with shoes is make sure they are top quality and don't hurt your feet. Doing the amount of walking you will be doing, you need something that is absolutely perfect.. And if you must insist on runners - buy a waterproof pair.

So this is my list:

- Thongs - for the showers in the hostels and casual wear
- My Timberland boots - which I will wear practically every day. Here's a link if you want to check them out.. http://www.timberland.com/

- A pair of comfy/supportive ballet flats OR a pair of comfy/supportive dressy flat sandals - which I will wear to party in and commute in if the weather is too warm for my boots.

Dont even bother taking any form of heels with you - being in a foreign country and typically without a car - you will walk a lot of miles in search of a decent bar, and before you have even found the decent bar you will have blisters everywhere and be walking like a spastic.. not my idea of a fun night out!

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